Are Water Based Cleaners the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner?

When it comes to cleaning your hardwood floor, all you have to do is visit your supermarket’s cleaning aisle to know how much variety there is. There are oil based cleaners, water based cleaners, cleaners that promise the sheen of a newly installed floor as well as many others.

There are expensive cleaners and cheap cleaners that claim to work just as well. With all these choices, which one should you choose? If you’re smart, you’ll call the manufacturer of your floor and ask them. However, sometimes manufacturers will try to sell you their own, more expensive cleaning products.

You’re better off just listening to the hardwood floor experts that say out of all the cleaners to choose from, the best hardwood floor cleaner is water based.

Water Based

Water based cleaners are the safest and easiest to use on a well finished floor. They are the best hardwood floor cleaner if the floor is new or newly refurbished. These cleaners can be applied with a damp mop. It is important to remember never to use a wet mop.

While it is true that a water based cleaner is the best hardwood floor cleaner, large amounts of water can damage a hardwood floor. Pools of water can cause warping, spotting or fading. Only use a damp mop or cloth and use rugs next to sinks whenever possible.

PH Neutral

It is also important to ensure that your cleaner is a PH neutral product. All cleaning products have a certain PH level and the best hardwood floor cleaner is PH neutral. High PH cleaners are great at killing bacteria and getting rid of dirt and grime but the high PH setting will eventually wear your hardwood floor over time.

Make sure you read the labels and that you’re not using a product that can damage your floor. If you’re not sure, ask for help from a hardwood floor cleaning expert.

Of course, the methods listed above are for a newly finished floor or a recently refurbished one. If your floor is already worn and the bare wood is showing in places where the finish has worn away, there are additional steps you should take.

In such cases, extra care is needed. You must wax, sometimes sand and refinish your floor before you worry about cleaning it.

However, if your floor is still able to shine like new, use a water based cleaner and one with a neutral PH. Just remember, the best hardwood floor cleaner doesn’t need to be expensive. It is likely available at your local department store and, chances are, is very affordable.

In keeping a hardwood floor, maintenance is crucial. Take care in what you use on your floor, read the labels and, if you’re not sure, ask for help. That way you’ll ensure you have a nice hardwood floor for as long as you own your home.






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