Why Buffering a Hardwood Floor is Key in the Maintenance of Your Flooring

Everyone knows that hardwood floors require extra special care in order to keep them in as beautiful a condition as they were when you first installed them. However, many people are also unaware or unsure of the proper maintenance involved in this process.

While there are various different cleaning and finishing methods available for hardwood floors, when it comes to buffering a hardwood floor, the means and method of this is often not properly understood.

Things to Know Before Buffering a Hardwood Floor

Before buffering a hardwood floor, even before starting to clean, you should be sure to gather all the equipment that you will need. This will include things such as a broom, dust mop, dustpan, floor wax, a cloth, and a buffer machine with pads.

Next, you need to clear the room of all furniture and other items, and sweep or dust mop the entire area thoroughly. Water should never be used to clean hardwood floors, as water is one of hardwood flooring’s worst enemies. Water on wood can damage the actual wood and cause wax to turn a milky white color.

However, if you do for some reason end up with a white spot on your floor caused by water, you can remove it by rubbing a small amount of mineral spirits into the spot with a fine steel wool.

Most hardwood floor experts recommend to sweep or dust mop at least once daily, as dirt particles on the floor can scratch the surface of your hardwood. Buffering a hardwood floor can do more than bring back luster and shine; it can also actually protect the floor itself.

Buffering a hardwood floor consists of spraying the floor with a polishing solution and buffing the floor with a rotary floor machine. You should be sure to check the electrical cords on the buffer machine, as well as make sure that all of the cords are untangled and free of damage. After this, attach a buffer pad to the buffer machine and work small amounts of wax slowly into the buffer machine pad with your fingers or, if you prefer, use a cloth.

Then simply buff the floor until it shines. Buffering a hardwood floor is one way to ensure regaining a luster and shine to your hardwood flooring, and is in fact crucial to the proper maintenance of your hardwood floors.


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