The Different Types of Finish: A Distressed Hardwood Floor

There are many options to choose from when it comes to hardwood flooring, and this is in regards to such things as wood type, wood color, and finish. Choosing from and selecting the right option decides on both the space in which it will be installed, as well as your own personal preference.

If money is an issue, that is important as well, but the most primary reason behind any decision in this area should be what option you will enjoy. A distressed hardwood floor is one such option.

Distressed Hardwood Floor – A Popular Choice Today

The vintage look is increasing in popularity, especially as of recently, which explains why the distressed hardwood floor has become one widely sought. Distressed hardwood flooring is done by machine or by hand, and in an effort to reduce high labor costs, manufacturers have in fact created machine-made distressed/scraped looking floors.

These are basically a cheap imitation of the real thing, with any differences being practically unnoticeable. The only problem with the machine distressing is the repetitiveness of the pattern. This creates an unnatural feel, as when it is done by hand there is obviously no significant or repeating pattern.

In regards to the machine-manufactured distressed hardwood flooring, some manufacturers are just denting, scooping, or roughing the floor, while others are sanding the floor unevenly to create a worn look. Still others are scraping the entire surface of the flooring in order to create the most unique hand made look.

The labor which is used in hand scraping can vary greatly from one instance to another, while some floor installers will have their crew scrape up the floor after it is installed in the home, others find it more appealing to do this part before.

Some homeowners are even buying scraped floors that are unfinished and then applying the finish themselves on site. But for the most part, the pre-finished floors are the most popular. This is because regular on site sanding can destroy the texture of the floor, which the customer is paying for.

Also, most of the pre-finished floors are excellent and create convenience and speed of installation for both the contractor and the homeowner. One of the greatest benefits to a pre-finished hardwood floor is the ability of each plank to move independently with the changes in the humidity levels in the home.


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