Guide to Hardwood Floor Care

Harwood floors bring richness and warmth in addition to class and sophistication to any home or office area. It is an investment that will always make you feel good about every penny you spent on it. However, you need to learn to protect and care for your hardwood floors so that, generations after you will be able to enjoy the same benefits.

Recognize Your Floor and its Qualities

Learn the facts about your floor such as, the type of wood, original color and texture in order to be able to care for it adequately.

The most popular hardwood floors are made out of oak and maple while beech, birch, cherry, hickory and walnut are used for their unique decorative qualities.

Hardwood Floor Care

Prevention is always better than cure and therefore it is important to first learn how to prevent your hardwood floor from its most common enemies, which are dirt, grit and sand. Here are a few easy steps to hardwood floor care:

Protect the floor in places where it is frequently used with covers or mats.

To protect your floors from dirt, place mats at entrances.

Dry up completely any liquid spills as soon as they occur to avoid damaging your floor.

Harwood floor care should not be done with any harsh cleaners such as oil soaps as they cause build up and will be impossible to remove when you will want to do regular maintenance for the floor. Use only recommended neutral pH floor cleaners.

Avoid dragging furniture on any wooden floor; it will cause a damage that will cost you a bit to repair. Also avoid using vacuum cleaners for hardwood floor care. Instead try cleaning with a traditional brush or broom and pan.

Recommended hardwood floor care usually comprises of mops along with specific wood cleaners. This treatment will clean your floor as well as provide regular maintenance.

Maintenance is crucial for great looking hardwood floors and it should be carried out regularly in order to avoid major repairs or replacements. Harwood floor care is not hard but meticulous and it requires a lot of attention and care at all times. Harwood floors will last you a lifetime and even more with proper care and regular maintenance procedure. All you need to do is pay attention to its needs and damages as it happens and treat it periodically with required maintenance cleaners and wood polishing substances that keep its texture and color alive.















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