Get Hardwood Floor Cleaners That Maintain and Improve the Look of Your Floor

The key to great looking floors that will last you a lifetime and beyond is maintenance. This includes what hardwood floor cleaners you choose to use as they play the main role in this process.

Easy Steps to Hardwood Floor Maintenance:

Know you floor; the type of wood and finish will help you choose the right cleaning procedures.

Most floors today have a urethane finish for a great polished look. On such floors never use wax; the combination is not beneficial for your hardwood floor.

Self-polishing waxes give the wooden floor a dull look and they tend to create a slippery surface.

Use mats at entrances, as those are the areas that suffer the most damage. If your kitchen has hardwood floors, place mats close to the sink where water and other spills mare most likely to occur.

Do not use vacuum on wooden floors as they can scratch it. Instead, use a broom or mop with the recommended wooden floor cleaner.

Wipe dry any and every liquid spill as it can damage the floor considerably.

Do not drag furniture on a wooden floor as it will create starches that only sanding will be able to remove. Try using protectors under any furniture legs that are heavy enough to leave a mark of the floor.

Any sharp object can damage your hardwood floor, such as, shoes with sharp heels, sports shoes with cleats etc.

Hardwood floor cleaners that are acceptable are those that are recommended by a specialist who knows all the details of your floor. Do not use hardwood floor cleaners that contain harsh detergents; they can severely damage the surface of your floor leaving you with sanding as the only choice for repair.

Hardwood floor cleaners are specially designed to maintain the floor’s appearance and also repair temporary damage such as discoloration due to excessive sunlight or slight scratches. It is very important that you pick the right hardwood floor cleaners so the best results are achieved.

Wood floors provide sophistication and warmth to any room in the house of office and as they don’t come cheap one must make all efforts necessary to ensure proper care through using the indicated hardwood floor cleaners at all times.

Hardwood floor cleaners perform a dual action job; they clean your wooden floors and also condition them for a better look and a longer life.



















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