Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor Design

The well-designed room has a hardware floor as its foundation. For the beauty of this hardwood floor design to age gracefully into a classic, you will want to take good care of your floor.

Regular Care

Usually it’s not a good idea to invite your friends and family to walk all over your treasures. In the case of your hardwood floor design, it’s pretty normal. To keep your treasure from looking like a floor mat will take a little work.

Dirt dragged on the bottom of shoes can contain abrasive elements like sand. Protect your floors by sweeping and vacuuming every day. A doormat will help prevent the dirt from coming onto the house in the first place.

Use rugs in places where dropped objects or spills are most likely. The hardwood floor design in a kitchen should have a rug in front of the sink. Furniture should have felt pads on its feet to prevent scrapes. Wood is a natural element and reacts to nature. Direct sunlight will take the color out of your hardwood floor design over time.

Windows should have shades or blinds and curtains that can be closed during the sunniest part of the day. Humidity is another problem as summer dampness and winter dryness can cause swelling and contraction which lead to warping. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers help keep the moisture content of your hardwood floor design more constant.

Start With the Finish

Before moving past the general care tips into more specific information, you need to know whether your hardwood floor design is protected by a wax or polyurethane finish. Drop a bit of water onto the floor. It will bead up and stay on the top, which means the floor finished was with polyurethane, which means it should be cleaned with vinegar and water. If the water soaks in after a few minutes, it is waxed and needs to be cared for with a compound made for waxed surfaces to remove dirt and add a fresh coat of wax.

Scuff marks on a wax finish can be removed by allowing a vinegar-based cleaner to soak into the spot and rubbing lightly with fine sand paper. A pencil eraser will work on a polyurethane finish. Always refinish a hardwood floor design after sanding to make sure that its protection is intact. Wipe up spills immediately and never use a hardwood floor in a room that is exposed to water like a laundry room.

Care and protection of a hardwood floor design will pay dividends of beauty for many years.






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