Acquire the Desired Hardwood Floor Finish through Professional Help

The beauty and elegance of a wooden floor drives more and more people each day to choose this option for their floor both at home and in the office. There are a number of choices one has to consider when picking a wooden floor, which will influence the durability and life span of your floor.

Decisions, Decisions

From the type of wood to the floor finishing there are decisions to be made with every step. The type of wood most commonly used are oak and maple due to their durability and hardness; however, other types of wood are available if you wish to color coordinate accents as per your décor.

Hardwood Floor Finish

Here too you have two main choices and they are:

Pre Finished Hardwood Floor

Here everything is done prior to installation directly by the manufacturer in the factory. This hardwood floor finish is highly recommended as it has greater durability and life span. It is treated in the factory for up to six times with urethane, which greatly improves its quality.

Job-site hardwood floor finish is the traditional way, which we all have heard of and are familiar with. This procedure requires a professional even if some may suggest you try it yourself. It is a complex job which can easily go wrong if done by an amateur and if you value your money and your wooden floors, you will not choose to take a chance with sanding it yourself. It will cost you a bit more to hire a professional but it is well worth it in the end.

Job-Site Hardwood Floor Finish

While it is messy, time consuming and sometimes even stressful it has a main advantage that the pre finished hardwood floor does not have and that is, it can level the floor should the need arise. The fact is many floors are not even and thus, will suffer some slight differences between planks, which can only be fixed with the sanding procedure.

However, if upon getting the advice of a professional you find that your floor does not require any such leveling; then a pre finished hardwood floor would be the right choice as it can be installed in one day with minimum inconvenience. Care and Maintenance

Which ever your choice may be for hardwood floor finish the care is the same for both floor types. Here are a few points to consider:

Use only recommended floor cleaners that condition and maintains the floor at the same time.

Do not drag furniture on wooden floors. Try using felt pads or gliders under the furniture legs.

Dry up any liquid spills as soon as they occur, because any stagnation on a wooden floor can cause severe damage.

Wooden floors demand daily maintenance and care but they are well worth the trouble.


















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