Protect Your Investment with Superior Hardwood Floor Maintenance and Care

Putting a hardwood floor to beautify your home is in fact an investment. It is something that is going to last for many years and generations to come. In order to support all the jumping, walking, running and all sorts of exercising it has to withstand, your hardwood floor should be very strong.

To keep the flooring looking good and strong all the time, it basically needs regular maintenance and care. Many people install a hardwood floor in their house blindly, and when it comes to the hardwood floor maintenance, they fail miserably.

Most contractors, when installing the flooring, can also give short tips for hardwood floor maintenance. They usually will tell you the washing procedures with simple home materials such as vinegar and water, or oil soap, or alternatively they will recommend some cleaning agents and wax meant only for hardwood floor maintenance and care.

Checking on the Flooring

Before you start doing anything, make sure you check on your hardwood very often. Some hardwood floors change colors within a matter of months, while some others may take years. No matter how long it takes; you still have to check on the finish and the wood to see whether they need special cleaning as well as repair, if there are any faults after all.

Checking on the finish is an important part of the hardwood floor maintenance. You have to see if the finish of the wood has turned dull, chipped, scraped or gouged. The famous water test can be performed to determine the finish condition.

Secondly, you also need to check on the wood’s condition itself. Sometimes if the finishing had worn out, the wood has simultaneously gotten damaged as well. You should always check for any stains, burns, cuts, gouges, holes, or even cracks, and change or repair the wood if necessary.

Cleaning Process

Some of the famous hardwood floor maintenance methods that should be performed would be damp mopping, heavy-duty mopping, coating, stain removal, repairs and so on.

Damp mopping is basically the simplest and most encouraged way to deep-clean your flooring, and this should be done at least once in a week. Generally, the use of neutral pH wood cleaners with water or manufacturer-recommended products are preferred for this purpose. Heavy duty mopping is a step further, using vinegar and stronger products to remove stains and keep the floor clean always. This method is done less frequently compared to the usual damp mopping.







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