Living Healthier With Chemical-Free Hardwood Floor Wax

Many people nowadays are very conscious about the usage of chemicals in their house, especially on the things that are in contact with their skin or breathing. Children at home need to move about freely, and even adults need to feel at ease in our houses. Our hardwood floor is one of those things that we get exposed to almost all day long.

When we talk about hardwood flooring in the house, we need to consider the cleaning and polishing as well. And when it comes to cleaning, our consideration here is not merely any wax or cleaner; but it’s the earth-friendly ones.

Chemical-free, non-toxic, ecosystem-friendly and environmental friendly; are all different names of the same thing. They refer to the revolutionary hardwood floor wax which is made of minimum or zero-content of harmful chemicals.

Enemies to our Health

Some common or famous chemicals contained in regular hardwood floor wax would be Cresol, Formaldehyde, nitrobenzene, perchloroethylene, phenol, toluene, xylene and many more.

These chemicals are natural threats to our health. They come as irritants, toxins, poisons and many other forms to deteriorate our body’s functioning ability. Basically Cresol, the most prominently found, is a cell killing agent when inhaled over extended period of time cause liver or kidney failure, skin diseases, blindness and many more.

Formaldehyde, which is another dangerous chemical found in the commercial hardwood floor wax range, can cause asthma, reproductive malfunctions, cancer amongst other ailments. Besides these two, all the other chemicals listed above have their own range of side-effects, especially when exposed to inhaling over a long period of time.

Healthy Alternatives

And that’s why we have the eco-conscious companies such as BioShield, Eco-House, Livos, and many more producing environmental friendly hardwood floor wax, which does not contain any traces of the chemicals above. This type of wax is made from natural resources such as beeswax, carnauba wax, refined linseed oil, rosemary oil, mild citrus-based thinner, and natural resin paste.

Or better still, you can make your own hardwood floor wax, with the help of online do-it-yourself kits. A hardwood floor wax is very easy to make, provided you get the right products in the right amount. You can make your own wax by warming up a combination of olive oil, vodka, beeswax and carnauba wax in a tin can or glass jar in simmering water. This self-made mixture can be rubbed directly onto the wood flooring with a cloth immediately after the mixture has been well-mixed and hardened.






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