Installing and Laying Hardwood Floor the Right Way

Hardwood flooring, when installed correctly will enhance the beauty of your house. But doing this is not a simple job, and only professional contractors or interior designers are well versed with this daunting task.

It may appear as a good idea to anyone, when it comes to renovating their house. But most of them are not well versed with how these floors work and how they should be installed and laid properly, so that they will add value to your property. The last thing you would want is your floor to be an eye sore rather than a fruitful investment.

Beginning Procedures

Laying hardwood floor takes a lot consideration on your part as well as the designer or contractors’ as well. Even before they start off with anything, they have to determine the health of the current floor and its acceptance to a new form of covering.

A professional hardwood flooring contractor would know if the floor type you want would be easy to install or not. Basically the hardwood flooring is an option which should be considered only for a place that has controlled humidity and temperature. Laying hardwood floor on a place that either is too humid or the temperature changes considerably would be a bad idea, because this would endanger the floor itself.

The Laying Process

Laying hardwood floor takes a vast range of process and procedures. And the laying of the wood can be secured using various installation methods, such as floating, glue-down, nail-down, staple-down and others. From laying the floating floors to laying the floorboards, there are many considerations that should be kept in mind when doing this. A laying hardwood floor job may seem to look easy; as how it appears on many do-it-yourself kits, but in fact it is far more complicated than it appears. Reading the manufacturer installation instructions would definitely help, or else you might not be using the right tools and methods. Installing sometimes may take some time, especially before you lay your wood floor. Generally, you have to wait for the wood to acclimate with the condition and temperature of your house, and this process may take up to four or five days. Sometimes, even professional flooring contractors make mistakes when laying hardwood floor, especially when they face size and insufficient floor problem. Thus, it is advisable to buy more wood than you calculate that you will need for the flooring process. Sometimes you might not need it immediately; so just save them for future, in case you would need them when damage occurs in the flooring and you need to replace a plank.








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