Why an Oak Hardwood Floor is a Good Choice

While there are various different types of hardwood flooring to choose from, oak hardwood floor continues to be the most popular, for several important reasons. Sturdy, reliable, long-lasting, and relatively affordable, oak hardwood floor will instantly add elegance, comfort, and appeal to any home.

Advantages of an Oak Hardwood Floor

Choosing the right type of wood is absolutely the most crucial decision of all. This is because there are issues of both substance and style that need to be taken carefully into consideration before making a final decision.

For instance, light wood may be more appropriate for a casual setting, while darker woods tend to lend themselves to more formal surroundings. While there are no set rules, you should remember that this is a serious choice, and that it is important to decide on the right one for your particular project.

Oak hardwood floor is available in either white or red, but can be stained in a variety of colors, depending of course on your own personal preferences. The color of white oak hardwood floor runs from a creamy white or light brown to medium brown, and is a bit harder than red oak. It has smaller markings, as well as having a more uniform appearance overall. Red oak on the other hand is a reddish brown, and its open grain makes it somewhat porous.

There are many issues to consider when doing this sort of home-improvement project, such as whether or not the area you are installing the hardwood in is a high traffic area or not. This is important because the finish and the color will be affected by this factor. Darker colors tend to show traffic quicker, while natural wood colors of oak for instance do not.

When choosing a color, you should choose one that works well with the décor that it is being placed in, and this is also incredibly important when you consider that darker colors will tend to make a room look smaller, while lighter ones will obviously tend to make the room look larger.

Your floor should compliment the fabrics, furnishings and accessories that are already present in the space, unless of course you are planning on redecorating the entire setting. If so, then you should choose the color of the wood to suit the new design you have in mind for the room. Darker colors are more often used for formal or traditional interiors, while lighter colors are more for country, casual, and contemporary settings.


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