Why Painting Hardwood Floors is a Good Idea

With all the available options there are to choose from in regards to hardwood flooring, painting hardwood floors is yet another one of the choices which can make a great impact on the overall appearance of the flooring. Painting hardwood floors actually extends the canvas of a room beyond the walls and ceiling, and whether it’s a bold statement or soft and timeless one that you’re craving, nearly anything can be achieved by painting hardwood floors.

Why Painting Hardwood Floors has Become so Popular

Although the matter of painting hardwood floors has gained much popularity as of recently, the practice actually first started in the 17th century, when European aristocrats installed intricate parquet floors in their homes and palaces. Today, painted hardwood floors are all the rage, especially in cottages, because they’re easy to maintain, they cover up a multitude of flaws, and they add a light and cheerful quality to any room.

The first step before painting your hardwood floors is to give the floors a good sanding, if necessary. Although most experts offer differing opinions on what type of paint works best, the actual durability is not something to worry too much about, considering that painted floors actually tend to improve with age. Some people even use sandpaper to hurry along that weathered and distressed look, which can also be caused by basic foot traffic in your home, which inevitably scuffs and wears down the paint.

Thin coats of smooth urethane will protect hardwood floors from dirt and other contaminants, and also makes the paint look good because of the invisible layers of urethane that are layered on top. Before painting, bare wood floors should be primed, because these priming products work well to hide the wood grain that otherwise might show through the finish paint.

Oil paints typically work better for floor painting, as the oil resins have a tendency to adhere better than water-based paints do and they tend to cure and harden faster. Once the paint has had two or three days to dry, you should apply three coats of water-based urethane. These typically do not yellow over time, and will not only enhance the finished painted surface, but will protect it as well.

Remember that the key to the floor looking good over a long period of time is to apply a single maintenance coat of urethane every two years.



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