A Pre-finished Hardwood Floor Can Save Time and Money Now - and Later

Technology has invaded every part of our life so there is no reason why flooring should be left behind. Today, you can get a pre-finished hardwood floor right from the factory and avoid the mess and stress of waxing or sanding it in your home after installation.

Pre-finished Hardwood Floor

The manufacturers of a pre-finished hardwood floor deliver urethane-based durable finishes in the factory itself by using ultra violet lights. With this advanced technology, they can apply several coats of urethane in a matter of minutes; and in the process saving the customer money and adding to the life of the wooden floor. Another recent invention is adding aluminum oxide as part of the floor’s finish as this process increases the life span of the urethane finish dramatically.

A Pre-finished hardwood floor has developed high standards which are difficult to equal manually. For example in the factory, with the help of ultra violet light, urethane can be applied up to six times on a wooden floor. This would be extremely expensive and hard to achieve manually and would be a process that took several days to finish. In contrast, a pre-finished hardwood floor can generally be installed in one day depending on the area you have in mind.

Care and Maintenance of a Pre finished Hardwood Floor

The care and maintenance of a pre-finished hardwood floor is the same as with the floors that have been sanded. The fact that they are pre-finished and have a couple more coats of urethane does not protect them from sharp objects or harsh detergents.

Avoid dragging any furniture on wooden floors and remember to immediately dry any liquid spills. Place mats at all entrances as those are the most used areas and prone to damages. Also, try to place felt pads under the legs of heavy furniture that is placed on wooden floors.

Advantage of a Job-Site Finish Hardwood Floor

The main advantage of a job-site finish hardwood floor and the reason why some still use this practice is the fact that at times wooden floors are uneven and the slight differences between them can only be corrected through sanding.

Depending on one’s requirements both job-site and a pre-finished hardwood floor are easily available both online and in home stores. It is up to each person weighing the pro and cons to decide which will be the best choice in the long run.

Wooden floors are a lifetime investment which should not be made in a rush. It is an addition to the overall value of your property as well as an enhancement to your home. Take your time and make the right choice.













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