Restoring Hardwood Floor Boards: Bring Back the Shine

Hardwood floors are designed to be strong and durable. They are meant to shine and continue to shine for many years, despite wear and tear. However, even the strongest of hardwood floors need to be restored and refurbished every now and again.

The following tips on restoring hardwood floor boards will give you the help you need to restore your floor. With these tips on restoring hardwood floor boards, you’ll learn what hardwood flooring’s worst enemies are, you’ll know what cleaners to watch out for and you’ll learn how to put the care and work needed to make your hardwood floor shine like new again.

Hardwood’s Worst Enemies

The first tip for restoring hardwood floor boards is to watch out for certain things dubbed as hardwood flooring’s worst enemies. These enemies include sand, dirt and grit. When a hardwood floor gets dirty, and you walk on this dirt, your feet act like sand paper, causing scratches and other marks that can mar your hardwood floor’s appearance. A scratched hardwood floor hardly resembles the shiny, durable floor you once had installed.

Wipe With a Damp Cloth

The fact is, when a hardwood floor is installed, a clear finishing coat is placed over it. When you walk on the floor, you’re actually walking on that finish, not on the floor itself. As the dirt under your feet scratches the floor, it scratches that finish. Over time, that finish can wear away and expose the wood underneath.

To prevent this from happening, when restoring hardwood floor boards, make sure the floor is free of dirt and dust. Whether the flooring needs restoring or not, you should occasionally run a damp mop or cloth over the finish to ensure that the wearing away from dirt never occurs.

Avoid Pools of Water

That brings us to the second tip for restoring hardwood floor boards. When cleaning your floor, only use a damp mop or cloth. Never pool water onto the floor as pools of standing water can cause the floor to warp or appear worn. Always mop up spills immediately and if your floor is next to a sink, consider placing a rug over that spot to prevent water damage from occurring.

The third tip on restoring hardwood floor boards includes buffing the finishing coat to a thin layer so that a new coat of finish will stick. You can use a small handheld buffer to do the job.

The fourth tip on restoring hardwood floor boards includes getting some hardwood floor finish. You should be able to find some do-it-yourself finish at your local hardwood store. A thin coat is all that is necessary and you should allow it to dry at least overnight before you subject your floor to heavy traffic.

Read Product Labels

The final restoring hardwood floor tip is to read the labels before applying anything to your floor. Before you use a cleaning or finishing product to your floor, make sure it won’t harm your floor. If you’re not sure of how safe the product is, ask the floor manufacturer or an expert in the refinishing field. By taking precautions, you can protect your floor from spotting, wearing or warping.

These restoring hardwood floor tips are intended to bring the shine back to your hardwood floor that you once enjoyed so much. A nice hardwood floor brings a certain element to any room that can’t be replicated with carpet.

Hardwood floors can be restored but the best way to keep a hardwood floor looking great is with a little preventative maintenance.






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