A Guide to Sanding Hardwood Floors

Sanding hardwood floors is done for many reasons some of which are, removing stains, refinishing old floors or just plain maintenance. This is a complex procedure no matter what some may say and it is strongly recommended to hire a professional. But, at the same time it will help you to know the details of how the job needs to be done well so you can make sure if all the necessary steps have been followed.

Preparing for Sanding Hardwood Floors

Check the floor for nail heads or any other hard object that may interfere with the sanding process.

Cover any lamps hanging from the ceiling to save it from being covered with dust.

Everything must be removed from the room prior to beginning the sanding process.

Sometimes varnish is used to remove as much as possible of the old finish before sanding but this is optional as it is yet another complex procedure that some professionals may not consider.

Tools for Sanding Hardwood Floors

Whether you are doing it yourself or you are hiring a professional the best tool to use for sanding hardwood floors is a drum sander. This machine is specially designed to work on the texture and grain of the wood plank on your floor.

There are a couple of disadvantages when using a drum sander and they are:

It cannot reach corners which means one will have to do those with a small sander or manually.

When stopped, it creates a slight dent with its weight if not handled appropriately.

Sanding hardwood floors needs to be done a couple of times with different types of sand paper such as:

The first round of sanding is done to remove any old finish and stains that are on the floor.

The second will achieve the desired finish you were looking to achieve. Sometimes a third and even a fourth round is needed depending on how damaged the floor is.

The finishing of sanding hardwood floors is done with special substances such as urethane for a great look and further maintenance.

Sanding hardwood floors is a long process that can take up to couple of days. Even if you do end up hiring a professional for the job, it will still include many small jobs for you such as cleaning the dust and other such things. However, the trouble is well worth it in the end.

Maintenance is crucial to assuring a long life for your hardwood floors as neglecting it can cost you a lot more in the future. So, why not invest today and start sanding your old hardwood floor to give it a brand new look.















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