The Beauty of a Stained Hardwood Floor

The reemergence of wood as a top decorating element has contributed to the popularity of hardwood floors. Many hardwood floors have a wax or polyurethane finish applied to the sanded wood. This brings out the natural color and grain of the wood. The color of the floors’ finish is determined by the type of wood with perhaps a little highlighting in the finish, and in such a popular decorating element, this can be limiting. In contrast, there is almost no such limit in a stained hardwood floor.

Stain, Not Plain

A stained hardwood floor can be the color of any type of wood. Walnut, ebony, dark Burmese teak, brown mahogany, red mahogany, dark oak are all available to enhance the beauty of a hardwood floor. Stain can even out the color of floor in different ways.

A new floor in the dining room, for instanced can be stained to resemble the classic floor in the living room. Stain can even out the color difference in old wood reclaimed from old barns or the demolition of an old home, bringing the best of aged wood to a new room.

An old floor after it is refinished can become a modern-looking, stained hardwood floor. A faded, silvery floor can become a deep cherry or mahogany floor for an elegant room.

Stained Hardwood Floor Care

Caring for your stained hardwood floor requires some level of vigilance. Remove dirt with a dust mop or vacuum before it is ground in and cause scratching. Protect your floor from losing its color to direct sunlight by closing shades, blinds or curtains on the windows that are most to blame.

Rugs should be placed in areas with high traffic such as hallways or in an area that may be prone to spills such as in front of the kitchen sink. There should also be a doormat at every entrance to the home.

Any water should be wiped up immediately from your stained hardwood floor. Allowed to stand, water can penetrate the finish and cause discoloration on the wood. When necessary, clean the surface of the floor using the type of cleaner that is right for the finish. Wax finishes shouldn’t be washed with cleaner containing vinegar while polyurethane finishes require vinegar.

A well-cared for stained hardwood floor can be re-stained in the future. Even staining is easier to strip off while spots with deeply absorbed stain will need more sanding, possibly endangering the floor itself.









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