A White Oak Hardwood Floor is the Traditional American Hardwood Floor

The white oak hardwood floor has long been considered the traditional American hardwood floor because the grayish-charcoal color is reminiscent of the old castles of the European countryside. This look is also popularly known as the French Country look.

For over a hundred years, Americans have used the white oak hardwood floor to decorate their homes. The white oak hardwood floor is both strong and versatile and it can be used in combination with any décor and, for this reason, is so popular, even today, amongst so many hardwood floor fans.

Consistent Grain

The white oak hardwood floor has a consistent grain that is devoid of knots. The color is a light grayish-charcoal color that gives it a country look. The white oak hardwood floor also has wider widths and longer lengths that give it a more elegant look than traditional hardwood floors. Alternative to Antique

A white oak hardwood floor is a great alternative to an antique hardwood floor. That’s because it has the same elegance as an antique floor but it has longer lengths and is made with new materials.

Whether you’re looking to replace the flooring in your living room, kitchen, office or any other room for that matter, it would be wise to choose a white oak hardwood floor for all your flooring needs. It’s a little more expensive than traditional hardwood flooring but the cost is well worth it. If you want to give your room that elegant country look, you’ll want to find a white oak hardwood floor dealer near you.

Take Care of Your Floor

When caring for your white oak hardwood floor, you’ll want to make sure that it’s always free of dirt and grit. These substances can act like sandpaper when stepped on. They can cause scratches or other blemishes in the wood. Simply run a damp cloth or mop across the surface of your white oak hardwood floor to ensure that it’s always clean and protected. Always use water based cleaners, as these are the safest to use on hardwood flooring and always use cleaners with a neutral PH.

You’ll be very pleased with how a white oak hardwood floor makes your house or office look. You’re friends and family will notice, also. They’ll not only notice the initial beauty, but they’ll likely notice how that beauty stands up after years of heavy use.


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